The Spider Shack, c.1973

In the 70's and 80's we lived in a turn of the century farmhouse at the edge of the city. The property included a milkhouse/tool shed remaining from the days when it was a working farm. I converted that building into a studio. The dynastic residents of the building, a population of long bodied cellar spiders, continued to thrive in the remodeled building. (Their lives and deaths were later to intersect with my work.) My longtime friend and sometime art partner, Dangerous Diane, dubbed the building "The Spidershack" and the name endured. When I decided to occupy a web site the web and spider analogies of the Internet made the name "" a natural.

Initially this site will serve primarily as a place to present examples of my works and those of invited guests. Eventually I plan for the site to be more like the original Spidershack, that is a place where new works are developed and ideas are explored. In the new Spidershack, however, works will be conceived for the electronic environment of the World Wide Web rather than the physical space of traditional sculpture.