These works date from 1962 to 1964 when most of my sculpture was welded steel. The works were primarily concerned with developing form and were usually based on the human figure.

From 1964 through the early 1970's bronze casting became the major medium for my sculpture. In these works human, plant, and machine based forms combined in hybrid structures.

From the early 70's onward the focus of my sculpture was more on concept than formal issues. These works used a variety of materials and techniques. Often the materials and techniques used are an important component of the content of the work.
Beginning around 1980, these are site specific works with a major concern for the space that the works occupy. Many of these works have audio, video, and other electronic components. There is one artists' performance.
From the 1980's to the present I have produced a number of videotapes, many of them in collaboration with Diane Spodarek.
Since 2002 my work has been focused primarily on photography
Drawing has always been an important part of my life as an artist. Here are a few examples from several different periods.
In the late 70's I produced a series of cast bronze belt buckles. Here are some samples.