Mixed Media Gallery Opposite wall Video monitor w/ viewers
  Bones   1986   installation: (mixed media w/ 2 videotapes)  18'x30'x9' h.

"Bones" dealt with the relationship between humans and other animals. On one side of the room (shown above) there were five silhouettes of a human figure in various positions with various surfaces; burned wood, leather, embossed type, brick, and wool worsted pinstripes. Under each was a gypsum cement block with an inset close-up photo of a human body part representing one of the senses. In the center of the room there was a four part photo of a small animal skeleton on the floor and a suspended transparency of an enlarged spider skeleton. On the other side of the room (opposite wall) were two mounted deer heads on the wall and a mastodon skull on the floor flanked by four gypsum cement blocks with inset close-up photos of road killed animals. There were two video monitors at opposite ends of the room with continuously playing videotapes. On one end the footage was of animals in various human contexts. On the other, images of people consuming, training, hunting, and otherwise interacting with animals (Video monitor w/ viewers).

The piece was first installed at The DeWaters Art Center in Flint, Michigan.

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