Mixed Media Gallery Detail: side wallsDetail: floor blocks
Death on the Highway
  Death on the Highway   1980   steel, gypsum cement, glass, photos, charcoal

Through the center of the space 13 expanded metal figures ranging in size from 18" to nearly 8' high are suspended on slender steel cables in a "perspective" array with the smallest and largest figures mounted on the end walls. Outline silhouettes of the runner are drawn directly on the side walls in charcoal . On one wall the figures are profile views of a constant scale (slightly over life size). On the other they were in three-quarter view with a "perspective" shift in size, apparently coming from and receding into the distance. On the floor are ten gypsum cement blocks with inset photos, each containing a caption.

This was my first fully realized installation work. It used the silhouettes of a running figure as a life metaphor. In constructing the piece I wanted to define a maximum amount of space with a minimum amount of mass.

The piece was exhibited at The Art Gallery of The College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York

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