in my dreams we are back
in Detroit
in my dreams
I get lucid and we make love
in my dreams
we write a play together

I see your suicide on stage
but this time
when I answer the phone
the coroner says
'there is a note'

in the year 2000
you will rise from your ashes
and circle the globe three times
you will find our daughter
and carry her on your back
back to me

In Act Two
you soar up the Hudson River
where you find me
in an apartment with lots of light
and a view
you pass through the window
and take me in your arms one more time

Act Three
there is a knock on the door
it's the landlord
a character with a heart, not just a subtext
he gives us a check for a thousand dollars
and says's the least I can do


copyright© 1999 Diane Faith Spodarek
all rights reserved

Magic for the Millennium
by Diane Spodarek

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