Mixed Media Gallery Detail
  Nest   1989   installation: (mixed media w/videotape)  80"x91"x48"  

The continuously playing videotape in this piece alternates among images of baby birds being fed by their mother, children watching television, and "Saturday morning" television commercials.

Television is a constant part of our environment. It is, to a large extent, the landscape of our lives, replacing the "natural" world of earlier humans with a panorama of electronic marketing appeals and a resulting hunger for essentially meaningless products. I am interested in the impact of this phenomenon on the evolution of human existence.

In NEST I am particularly concerned with the role of television in the nurturing of children. The piece uses the electronic medium itself as a kind of feedback mechanism through which "nature" and "culture" collide in the brain of the viewer. Perhaps this unfamiliar juxtaposition can strip the TV information of its mesmerizing camouflage so that, like the featherless birds and naked video monitor, its underlying content is exposed.

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